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Welcome to 5th Element
Story Telling






Hello! Want to listen to a story… we can tell! Have raw sketches… we can turn them into art! Have some dreams… we can make them come true!

We have stories to tell, art to showcase and music to play, all we need is your attention to celebrate… the beauty of life, the colors of spectrum and the rhythm of nature.

Pfizer – International women’s day

July 28, 2015

Pfizer – Mental Health
Are you ready to grow your Business

Roche – Lead the change

July 26, 2015

Pfizer – Reducing pain improving lives
Let only the element of trust connect us

Pfizer – Join hands TB

July 24, 2015

Pfizer – World cancer day

July 20, 2015

Diarrhoea – Traveler’s

July 20, 2015

Ignite the fire within
Ignite the fire within

A team of
believers. achievers. dreamers. creators.


We believe insights are the key of creativity, without them you might can have a wonderful campaign but not wonderful enough to win hearts.


The world is changing, with every passing seconding things are transforming into something else… and we are keeping the track of it.

Digital Aid

We have got you covered on every ground that you need to land on. Into the age of digital we have all the tools which can broadcast your story whenever wherever you want to.


Creativity has no limits and we totally believe in that… so we let it flow and grow in whichever direction is sets right.

Oh! We dragged you here with our creativity!

We are not here to produce…
we are here to create!

The Colors

Every color has its on story, impact and expression… all they need is to fall at the right place at the right time to become meaningful.

The Language

The tone, the stance, the words… all you need to rightfully place them together to create the magic.

The Illustration

We create seen, unseen, possible and impossible… all you need to have a broader canvas with a broader vision and no limitations.

The Music

Sometime you need to listen to the surrounding, the crashing waves, the chirping birds, the blowing winds or some instruments to express yourself.

The Art

Lines, angles, structures, designs, sketches, colors, images, blank… nothing matters when you know the drill. The art has its own meaning, its own shape and its own expression.

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